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Land For Sale

Commercial construction plan Nazilli Land for Sale

2826 M2 Nazilli taxi in the center; 0.70, commercial construction plan Izmir - DenizliDetails »

TL 3,200,000

Sea View Land For Sale in Kusadasi

4518 m2, villas land in Sogucak the magnificent nature, sea view 4Details »

TL 1,590,000

Land with 16 acres for sale in Kusadasi

Land FEATURES 1- Women on Sea Proximity Kind Boyalılk 2-15935 m2 3-way frontage roadDetails »

TL 6,200,000

Large land on Kirazli You Register Your MI?

Kusadasi and Kirazli on the way, * the main road 100 m. distance, * so that the batter for the landDetails »

TL 350,000

Kusadasi City In Villa With Large Land

Land 6649 PROPERTIES 1- 2-25 m2 / 50 duplex 3-beach plan from 1.350 ml 4-MainDetails »

USD 1,400,000

One of the island's most private property !!!

Land is located in the Ladies Beach in Kusadasi. Location is located in a region as valuable. TwoDetails »

$ 2,200,000

Kusadasi 'ADA' s MI Whether you ??????

Kusadasi Ophiuchus known as the Cape peninsula name were purchased in 1947 and afforestedDetails »

euro 2,500,000

11,957 m2 of land for sale in the Center Hotel

In the center of Kusadasi sea, nature and views of the city land for sale in the hotel. Around 4 andDetails »

EUR 2,000,000